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19 September 2016 @ 01:11 am
Ok I'm back way earlier than last time... but aaaanyways, what a week(and a 1/2), I'm never ever organizing/taking care of any kind of celebration again...It's not that it was a lot to do in general but it was a lot to do for 2 people, a coworker and I (originally 3 but the 3rd member jumped off the ship earlier) had to organize the 'Mexican Party' for the office and let me tell you, it didn't go as smooth as I thought it would go....

So first we had to propose a budget to the general manager and once he approved it he would give us the money and we would proceed to buy all things necessary for the party a week and a half before said party....well at least thats how things were supposed to happen but nooooup... damn....
We did make the budget, we send it to the manager and we waited...a day...and nothing...a second day...and noooothing.....a third one and we were like,,,wtf? he read our mail, we know he did, we got the open and read notification thingie activated on our mails so we know he opened and read it so why isn't he mailing back telling us yes or not or that is too much money or whatever!??... this same day my coworker called the food service and asked about the dates available and other stuff, so now we have to hurry up on getting the money because now we need to pay a deposit to the food service asap otherwise we might lose the date...so we use this on the mail reminding our boss that we need money..like now.... and letting him know that it would be better to have all the money now so we can buy everything on the weekend so we won't be forced to use office time to take care of the party stuff........and he didn't answer that day either...oh welp...

Wednesday: We almost lost the date!!!! we call to ask if the date was still available and the guy over the phone was like mmmm errr.. I got another person on this date, but he hasn't payed yet so...call tomorrow morning to check, if he hasn't payed by tomorrow morning I'll give the date to you...I've never wished so much for someone to forget to pay something in my life......

Thursday: morning, we called...finger crossed...and date available!!! yeaah!!!.....now we need the money urgently....so now  we're about to end our day and there he comes (our manager) with the exact amount for the deposit....and he even jokes about assaulting someone to get it.. ¬¬ like...ha...ha...and then he leaves...... and again we are like dafuk??? that's it?? where is the rest!?....daaammn!
I went to the restaurant after work and pay the deposit, the guy over there half opens his book and he starts 'looking for the right page'....when he opened on the right page from the begining... I don't know what was he trying to do but it only looked stupid browsing white pages...the frikking week was empty!, and he told us that there was another person with the date reserved and stuff...but the hell it was!...I did looked at him ugglily...but I don't think he realized....whatever...so I get all the details down and hurray! we got food...now...the prizes and candies and decorations....a lot to buy...and no money....damn.....

Friday: The mail attack starts....like come on we can use the weekend so we won't be worrying about buying everything at the last minute...but nothing..or so I though! after work I get a whattsapp from my coworker showing me some money, the boss gave him money! hallelluya!!....but not enough for everything.. still, we can make it work for now... buuut now I got to wait for monday to buy stuff  'cause my coworker won't go to the office on saturday and he has the money...damn....

Friday evening-saturday evening-whole sunday: making decorations.. Gawd!!!... I don't want to see another piece of creepe paper in my life!!!

Monday: time to go buy stuff...when?..on lunch time.... -_-#  and neither my cw or I have a car so let's start walking....I mean the place to buy traditional toys and stuff isn't that far from our work place, but jesus! the weather was horrible so humid and hot and wearing the most unconfortable uniform ever plus carrying a super heavy bag full of toys....Ok I didn't carry it the whole trip...only like a block..but hey! it was super heavy!! Good! now we have toys....we need the candies now....and no money....

Tuesday: Not a sign from the manager...and btw the party is on Wednesday...yeah the next day.... so as in a miracle a mail arrives confirming the transaction...they deposited the money on our accounts...half and half... why can't you get the cash and give it to us!!?? arggg.. so money!! but the candy store is closed so tomorrow will be... hours before the party we have to buy everything missing... the candies, the beverages, the snacks, the alcohol, ice...

Wednesday: Party day!! yay!...if  only I wasn't in charge of all this sh*t....so lunch time and time to run to the candy store, this time I'm not walking anywere! I asked my brother to take me there and take us  back to the office... he agreed and I'm so thankful for that... 4 pm and is time to get the palapa ready, decorating and stuff...with the uggly weather we had...also we were praying it wouldn't rain! we had 40% chances of rainstorm that day....argg, but It didn't thank heavens!
And in the end we had our party and a lot of other little things happened but I dont remember all of them in detail...
So summarizing...I'm never ever organizing/taking care of any kind of celebration again...(bad thing is that I think I'm supposed to be assistant to the christmas party organizer....ffffffffuuuuuu)

Signing off now...
Have a great night whoever you are who read this!
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10 September 2016 @ 11:39 pm
So it turns out I'm a big fat liar...well ok I'm no that fat..(ha!)...still.... quoting my last post (almost 2 years ago mind you)..."Ok, It's been about 3 years, 3 months and 30 days since I last posted something, thats a lot of time and a lot of thing have changed... but I'm back, I have no idea of how often I will be posting anything but one thing I know... I wont abandon this place again..."

Yeah right! liar liar pants on fire.... -_-U damn...oh well things didn't go as expected...you know... stuff happens....but I stand by what I said about "a lot of thing have changed..." a lot...frikkin' growing up for example...FU adulthood!!!....

Aaaaaanyways it seems I only return to my begginings when I feel really reaaaaally nostalgic....and last night was it (I swear it has to be september's fault) suddenly a wild Kat-tun song popped up on my phone's ginormous playlist and I started crying (it was NOT a hormonal thing btw) YES ladies and gentlemen, me..a grown-ass woman started crying over a song....and it wasn't even a sad one...it was Real face... therefore I've been watching my babies videos nonstop since last night....and I think I'll be doing that for a while...

...so..again,  I have no idea of how often I will be posting anything...I just hope it wont be another 2 years for me to do so....

Signing off now...
Have a great night whoever you are who read this!
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16 September 2014 @ 06:46 pm
Ok, It's been about 3 years, 3 months and 30 days since I last posted something, thats a lot of time and a lot of thing have changed... but I'm back, I have no idea of how often I will be posting anything but one thing I know... I wont abandon this place again,  I kinda felt nostalgic while watching Takumi Kun series last night...I saw so many actors I used to fangirl to, and when I first discovered them....so it went a little bit like this :

"OHH!! Daichan!!...I haven't seen this guy in a while...oww his Tezuka buchou hehe...ow.. Tenimyus.....Shirota.......Atobe... Kato Kazuki..waaa Kimeru! Takieiji!! Tutti, Nagayan awwww.... Tennisu no Oujisama...I never finished reading Shin TnO...what happened?.... I recently started watching anime again... maybe I should start with manga too .....Jpop... Visual.. ARRRRRG!!!! I'm OLD NOW!!!!!!! why did I forget about all this!!????????? "
*End of Flashback*
So that's how I decided to reopen mi LJ...to bring back more memories, to catch up with things I just let slip away....to see if i can cure my nostalgia xD
To remember is to live again...
p.d. Maybe I should also go visit my tumblr ...It's been a while since I was around that place.....

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17 May 2011 @ 09:11 pm
From Shinee's Replay Japanese PV teaser
PB messed with the size, but it should fit most of laptops screens right?
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10 June 2010 @ 05:27 am
Daaa~! ok I'm not TaNaka...¬¬ well... tittle says everything.. they're wallpapers... Tacchan's & Jaejoong's...
separately, not toghe... idea!... am..damn...  I'm too tired to make another one now xD

ma~ anyways...douzo!

First My lovely, beautiful,cute and damn sexy Tacchan ♥0♥

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11 April 2010 @ 09:34 pm
Hi! well, here I bring some wallpapers that I made after realising my laptop's desktop was boring & that my vacations are over and I won't have the chance to play with photoshop eeeeever again for quite a long time... so here's what got out from my head xD:
they might not be the big deal but they're ok, right?

kattun1  Photobucket
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05 December 2009 @ 08:06 pm
Wooo! hello! ummm.... I'm usually a little bit of a grinch in this season but I have no idea why I'm gettin' too excited for the christmas this time! xD

happy!me+no classes+photoshop available = messing with my profile xD

EDIT: I'm currently working on my header [it's not that i'm gonna change it completely, just add to it the christmas spirit ^u^] DONE! XD

I leave you another christmas!Tat-chan ^0^

& so do I minna!

Minna tell me what you think about my Christmas!Tat-chans xD onegaishimasu!
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04 October 2009 @ 12:56 pm
Happy B-day Tat-chan!
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20 September 2009 @ 04:46 pm

Waaaa I just don't get tired of it XD 

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30 August 2009 @ 08:41 pm
Wahahahaha, I just made Tat-chan top Ryo-chanread moreCollapse )
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