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Tнe Randoм Onιgιrι

мeιlιnѕnape'ѕ lιvejoυrnal

3 July
Hi there!

Anime&Manga = My whole childhood & adolescence.

Love Jpop & Kpop (though I started with JRock & Visual Kei...which of course I still listen to...)

I like crafts, I knit & make felt stuff like plushies, phone straps, scarves, etc...

I like computers & programming.

I used to play piano when I was little, so at times, I feel like playing at least a midi version of the current jpop/kpop song stuck in my head.

All wallpapers that have ever been displayed on my laptop's screen [also my headers, some icons & gifs] were made by me 'cause I enjoy playing with photoshop & my biases pics ^0^

I've posted some of those wallpapers here somewhere so feel free to take if you like them.

Bias(es): Ueda Tatsuya (KAT-TUN) ♥♥♥, Jang Dongwoo (INFINITE) ♥♥♥, Key (SHINee) ♥♥♥

♫♂♥: KAT-TUN♥, INFINITE♥, SHINee♥, GACKT, TVXQ/JYJ, ARASHI, 2PM, MBLAQ, NEWS, UVERworld, One OK Rock, FTIsland... & many more

♫♀♥: F(x), Lovelyz, Ayumi, Otsuka Ai, Aoyama Thelma, Miss A, Perfume, Wonder Girls, BoA, 15& .